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The musicians Krista and Raivo Sildoja love Estonian folk music and folk music instruments. We are united by a common interest in the heritage of traditional music and its varied performance styles.

Raivo and Krista in 2005
We have learned our tunes and songs mostly by listening to old archival recordings. If we were unable to find a particular recording, we resorted to transcriptions deposited at museums and archives, and then tried to reproduce these notes in the original traditional manner. Eventually we've managed to enrich our own music making by grasping the limits of age old traditions, and this experience has granted us courage to vary more freely, or even create our own music within these limits.

By our music we would like to express our gratitude to those wonderful people from whom we've learned our repertoire. We would also like to thank all the teachers who've showed us the way to folk music, but we likewise credit all the musicians who've enjoyed playing this great music with us.

Krista and Raivo.
in July 2008
Krista and Raivo Sildoja, Virbel MTÜ, Kose küla, 87610 Vändra vald, Pärnumaa, Estonia